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Blow Molding Handbook 2E

Copyright: 2004
ISBN: 9781569903438
Hardcover: 628 pages
$389.99 (US)

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Blow Molding Design Guide 2E
Lee, N.


Plasticator Melting Operation. Extrusion BM. Injection BM. Stretch BM. Tooling. Plastic Types and Processability. Fundamentals of Product Design. Process Control. Computer Operation. Process Selection and Auxiliary Equipment and Secondary Operations. Troubleshooting and Maintenance.


This book has become an industry standard as it provides insight to critical areas such as product design, meeting performance requirements, reducing cost, and zero defect targets. The information presented is of value to fabricators, designers, and engineers and it also provides a firm basis for the beginner. The intent is to provide a complete review of the important aspect of the blow molding process that goes from the practical to the theoretical and from the elementary to the advanced.

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Rosato, D.
Rosato, A.
DiMattia, D.