Fundamentals of Press Brake Tooling 2E

Copyright: 2010
ISBN: 9781569904749
Softcover: 264 pages
$89.99 (US)


Review of the Press Brake. Press Brake Tooling Normally Called Dies. The Basic 90° Bend. Air Bend Tonnage. Fundamental Information. Forming Other Types of Material. Gaging. Bend Allowance (What Size Should I Cut My Blank?). Safe Use of a Press Brake. Minimizing Die Marks on the Material. Offsets, Joggles, and “Z” Bends. Simple Channels. Hems and Seams. Radius Dies. Rib Shapes. Corrugations. Box Forming. Beads or Curls. Wiping Dies. Plate Forming. European-Style Press Brake Tooling. Punching. Multiple Dies in the Press Brake.


Subtitled The Basic Information You Need to Know in Order to Design and Form Good Parts, this book contains a wide breadth of information about press brakes. The author uses his 45 years of experience with press brake tooling applications to provide a basic understanding of what to consider when selecting proper tooling, determining minimum machine requirements, using blank size calculations, and arriving at an acceptable bend sequence. The technical information allows the reader to understand the complex concepts and techniques used in forming operations. Although this book is based on an engineering background, the technical information has been simplified to allow press brake users to understand the complex concepts and techniques used in forming operations. This information is derived from real-world experience based on the actual parameters that have to be considered in order to produce quality parts.

Author Info:

Rapien, B.

Since retiring from Cincinnati Incorporated with 45 years of experience with press brake tooling applications, Ben Rapien has continued to share his knowledge by serving as a tooling consultant for several companies. Over the years, Mr. Rapien has spoken at various seminars about press brake forming in both the United States and Canada, and has served as both speaker and chairman for SME sheet metal clinics. In addition, he has authored numerous journal articles about forming operations, taught the “Theory of Forming” course for 18 years at the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering, and served as an expert witness on press brake application in several court cases.