Picture of Heat Treatment, Selection, and Application of Tool Steels 2E

Heat Treatment, Selection, and Application of Tool Steels 2E

Copyright: 2005
ISBN: 9781569903766
Hardcover: 239 pages
$59.99 (US)


What is Steel. Exactly What is Heat Treatment Doing? The Basic Furnace Room Tools. Surface Protection. The Recipe for Heat Treating D2 Tool Steel. Heat Treating A2 Tool Steel. Heat Treating A6 Tool Steel. Heat Treating H13 Tool Steel. Heat Treating S7 Tool Steel. Heat Treating M2 Tool Steel. Heat Treating ANSI 4140 Medium Alloy Steel. Heat Treating O1 Tool Steel. Heat Treating W1 Tool Steel. Heat Treating CPM 10V Steel. Cryogenics. Guidelines for Grinding Hardened Tool Steel. Good Design Practices. Welding Tool Steels. The Effects of EDM. Tool Steel Selection. Helpful Hints and Tidbits. Glossary.


In a few short years, this has become the established reference for tool makers, heat treaters, and engineers seeking step-by-step “recipes” for properly heat treating a wide range of tool steels, plus practical information about machinability, shock resistance, wear, and extending tool life. Now, the completely revised and expanded second edition of this best-selling title is available. It has been extensively updated and includes the following significant additions: an entirely new chapter on the popular powdered tool steel CPM 10V; a thorough section on carburizing thoroughly describes the process and its benefits; a section on cryogenic treatment which has been completely rewritten to describe the theory and process; and a comprehensive glossary of related terms. As in the first edition, valuable tables of properties, attributes, qualities and shortcomings of popular tool steels are also included.

Author Info:

Bryson, W.

During his career in the metals industry, Bill has presented over 290 down-to-earth seminars to train heat-treaters, engineers, and metallurgists. All of his seminars and books are written in everyday language, without the metallurgical jargon, that real people can grasp. Bill was heavily involved with metallurgy for a Fortune 500 printing-press manufacturer and then did metal consultation for specialty steel producers before opening his own cryogenic processing company.  Throughout his career, Bill has tried to aid and assist anyone around the world with heat-treating problems. His goal is to help everyone to understand the benefits of looking at the complete thermal processing to save time, labor, wasted resources, and--most of all--money.