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How to Make Injection Molds 3E

Copyright: 2001
ISBN: 9781569902820
Hardcover: 612 pages
$279.99 (US)


Materials for Injection Molds. Mold Making Techniques. Procedure for Estimating Mold Costs. The Injection Molding Process. Design of Runner Systems. Design of Gates. Venting of Molds. The Heat Exchange System. Shrinkage. Mechanical Design of Injection Molds. Shifting of Cores. Ejection. Alignment and Changing of Molds. Computer-Aided Mold Design and the Use of CAD in Mold Construction. Maintenance of Injection Molds. Measuring in Injection Molds. Mold Standards. Temperature Controllers for Injection and Compression Molds. Steps for the Correction of Molding Defects During Injection Molding. Special Processes—Special Molds.


Economic success in the plastics processing industry depends on the quality, precision, and reliability of its most common tool: the injection mold. Consequently, misjudgments in design and mistakes in the manufacturing of molds can result in grave consequences. This comprehensive handbook for the design and manufacture of injection molds covers all aspects of how to successfully make injection molds from a practical as well as from a theoretical point of view. It should serve as an indispensable reference work for everyone engaged in mold making.

"...an example of how books should be written ... will be used by molders, mold designers and mold makers and will become a standard."
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Author Info:

Michaeli, W.

Prof. Walter Michaeli is the former Head of the Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV) at RWTH Aachen University, a position he held for 23 highly successful years. He studied Manufacturing Engineering at RWTH Aachen, and, after over eight years of industrial employment, took over as Head of the IKV in 1988. For his development of an innovative water-injection method for injection molding, he received the Otto von Guericke Prize of the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF) in 2002.

Menges, G.

Professor Georg Menges is the former head of the Aachen Institute for Plastics Processing and is considered to be one of the pioneers of the plastics-processing industry. In his career at the Institute, he grew it from a small, technical-training operation to a powerhouse of plastics processing education and research. Research-and-development work for more than 300 industrial sponsors is carried out in teams of both students and scientists. Virtually every aspect of plastics processing has been under taken by the Institute, and many leaders in both German and international plastics companies have been influenced by Professor Menges and his group. Professor Menges studied mechanical engineering at the University of Stuttgart and received a Dr.-Ing. degree in 1995; he retired in 1989.

  • SPE International Award in Science & Engineering Plastics (1983)
  • Award of the Plastics Processing Technical Association (1984)
  • Received the Hermann F. Mark medal (1985)
  • Named to Polymer Processing Hall of Fame (1989)
  • Named to the Plastics Academy Hall of Fame (2006)


Mohren, P.