Joining of Plastics 3E

Handbook for Designers and Engineers
Copyright: 2009
ISBN: 9781569904459
Hardcover: 592 pages
$169.99 (US)

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Joining of Plastics 3E (eBook)
Rotheiser, J.


Rapid Guidelines for Assembly of Plastics and Efficient Use of the Handbook. Designing for Efficient Assembly. Cost Reduction in Assembly. Design for Disassembly and Recycling. Assembly Method Selection by Material. Assembly Method Selection by Process. Adhesive and Solvent Joining. Fasteners and Inserts. Hinges. Hot Plates/Hot Die/Fusion and Hot Wire/Resistance Welding. Hot Gas Welding. Induction/Electromagnetic Welding. Insert and Multi-Part Welding. Press Fits/Force Fits/Interference Fits/Shrink Fits. Snap Fits. Spin Welding. Staking/Swaging/Peening/Cold Heading/Cold Forming. Threads: Tapped and Molded-In. Ultrasonic Welding. Vibration Welding. Laser Welding.


The third edition of this comprehensive handbook emphasizes the relationship between the assembly methods, the materials, and the plastics manufacturing processes, thus enabling the reader to identify the best design/assembly method for a given application. The book has been completely updated and a new chapter on laser welding of plastics has been added. All principal fastening and joining methods used to assemble plastic parts today are described with their particular advantages and disadvantages. Assembly method limitations for a given material and/or a given molding process are discussed in great detail. This is very much a "how-to" book, offering a wealth of hard-to-find detailed information.

Author Info:

Rotheiser, J.

Jordan Rotheiser is a practicing plastics engineer and industrial designer with over 30 years of experience in the design of plastic products. Besides Joining of Plastics, he has authored the chapter on plastics design in the Modern Plastics Handbook, the chapter on plastics in McGraw-Hill’s Handbook of Materials for Product Design, and has had articles published in Plastics Decorating, Plastics Design Forum, Plastics Engineering, and other national and international publications. Mr. Rotheiser holds a B.S. in Engineering and a B.F.A. in Industrial Design, both from the University of Illinois. He worked for General Motors, Abbott Laboratories and Compagnie de l’ Esthetique Industrielle in Paris before forming Rotheiser Design Inc., which specializes in plastic product design. Holder of nine patents, he is an Honored Fellow member of the Society of Plastics Engineers and has served the Society in many functions at the Section, Division and international levels.