Picture of Lathe Operation and Maintenance

Lathe Operation and Maintenance

Copyright: 2003
ISBN: 9781569903407
Softcover: 264 pages
$49.99 (US)


Safety. Machine Maintenance. Engine Lathes. Toolholders. Cutting Tools. Workholding Devices. Part Alignment. Cutting Parameters and Tool Geometry. Cutting Fluids and Tool Cooling. Basic Cutting Procedures. Project Planning. Review Questions and Answer Key.


This concise introduction to the lathe provides detailed coverage of this versatile machine and how it is used to perform a wide variety of metalworking operations. Special emphasis is placed on lathe components, accessories and operating procedures, including basic machine setup and routine maintenance. Cutting dynamics and parameters are explained in clear, easy-to-comprehend language, and a wide range of cutting tools, toolholders and workholding devices are examined in detail. This is the ideal introductory text for the novice or the machinist-in-training.

Author Info:

Edwards, J.