Picture of Microcellular Processing

Microcellular Processing

Copyright: 2003
ISBN: 9781569903445
Hardcover: 186 pages
$99.99 (US)


Introduction. General Description of the MuCell® Process. SCF Blowing Agent Delivery Systems. Microcellular Molding: The Basics. Processing Basics. Molded Part Properties. Moldflow Modeling of Microcellular Molding. Case Studies.


A growing number of plastics processors gain a competitive edge by utilizing the commercial microcellular process using existing injection molding or extrusion equipment at commercial production rates with low-cost modifications. End users also gain an advantage when the microcellular process is incorporated into product design and cost. To facilitate the transition and to help processors and end users make the most of this cutting edge commercial technology, this book provides a comprehensive description of all crucial elements.

Author Info:

Okamoto, K.