Picture of Guide to Machining Operations

Guide to Machining Operations

Copyright: 2004
ISBN: 9781569903575
Hardcover: 1000 pages
$69.99 (US)


Measurement: Machining Centers: Principles of Five-Axis Machining, High-Speed Machining. Computer Numerical Control. Indexable Inserts. Jigs and Fixtures. Metalworking Operations: Machinability Rating Guide for Materials. Conversion Factors.


This comprehensive guide features in-depth coverage of machining operations, calculations, tooling components, speeds and feeds and other parameters for designers and machinists. In addition, associated topics such as surface finish; coordinate measuring machines; probes and encoders; machining centers; HSK tooling; geometric dimensioning and tolerancing; high speed machining; and CNC programming are discussed and explained.

Author Info:

Chapman, W.