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Mold Engineering 2E

Copyright: 2002
ISBN: 9781569903223
Hardcover: 688 pages
$279.99 (US)


PART I—Mold Engineering
Section 1:  Basics about Molds, Machines, Plastics, and Products
Introduction to Mold Engineering. Basic Mold Functions. Mold Requirements. General Mold Design Guidelines. Plastics Identification.

Section 2:  General Mold Design Guidelines
Mold Layout. Molding Operation Sequences. Plastic Shrinkage. Mold Surface Tolerances. Gates and Runners. Venting. Ejection. Mold Cooling. Heat Expansion. Stack Molds.

Section 3:  Specific Subjects for the Mold Designer
Mold Materials Specifications. Mold Plates. Metal Fatigue. Screws in Molds. Mold and Mold Parts Handling. Air and Oil-Hydraulic Actuators. Rules and Calculations for Designers.

PART II—Mold Performance
Mold Performance and Mold Life. Cycle Time. Wall Thickness. Product Size and Shape. Crystallinity. Mold Forces. Preload. Wear and Lubrication. Hobbing-In of Parts. Glossary of Molding Terminology.


Injection molds for thermoplastic molding materials and their performance are covered in detail in this book for mold designers, molding machine technicians, and design engineers. Guidelines are supplied for the design of molds, from product drawing to complete mold assembly drawing, and more.

“... directed at injection molding of thermoplastics ... the molding issues described are also relevant for other types of molding operations, including blow molding and molding of thermosets.”
IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine

“thorough... excellent.”
Injection Moulding International

Author Info:

Herbert Rees

Herbert Rees (d. 2010) was Vice President of R&D at Husky Injection Molding Systems. He is author of several books in the area of injection molds and molding, including “Mold Engineering”, “Understanding Injection Mold Design”, “Understanding Product Design for Injection Molding”, and “Selecting Injection Molds”.