Picture of Polymer Chemistry

Polymer Chemistry

Properties and Applications
Copyright: 2006
ISBN: 9781569903971
Hardcover: 397 pages
$149.99 (US)


Polymerization. Characterization of Polymers. Rheological Description of Polymer Melts. Structural Development. Properties. Compounding and Extrusion Processes. Molding processes. Additional Methods of Manufacture. Commodity Polymers. Engineering Thermoplastics. Neat Stuff.


This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the study of polymers. Special emphasis is given to the characteristics that set polymers apart from small molecules, as studied in classic chemistry courses. The various branches of polymer science are introduced and discussed in a systematic manner, starting from basic chemical structures, continuing through supermolecular organization and physical properties. Specific examples are used throughout to illustrate how end usage relates to the principles under discussion. A series of chapters is devoted to case studies describing the principal classes of synthetic polymers.

Author Info:

Calhoun, A.
Peacock, A.