Picture of Processing of Composites

Processing of Composites

Copyright: 2000
ISBN: 9781569902264
Hardcover: 488 pages
$249.99 (US)


Chemistry, Kinetics and Rheology of Thermoplastic Resins. Thermoset Resin Cure Kinetics and Rheology. Phase Separation and Morphology of Toughened Thermosets. Insitu Frequency Dependent Dielectric Sensing of Cure. Modeling, Transport of Heat, Mass, and Momentum in Processing. Void Growth and Dissolution. Consolidation During Thermoplastic Composite Processing. Processing-Induced Residual Stresses. Product Quality in Composite Manufacturing. Autoclave Processing. Pultrusion. Liquid Composite Molding. Die-Less Forming of Thermoplastic Composites. Filament Winding. Processing Tools.


Composites have been acclaimed to be the "Materials of the Future," Advanced polymer composites, once destined for stealth military aircraft or aerospace uses, are beginning to be used in down-to-earth structures such as bridges, building and highways. The objectives of this book are to provide a quick overview of the fundamental principles underlying composite processing and to summarize the most important processes for composite manufacturing. This book is particularly valuable for students as a graduate-level textbook and practitioners who struggle to optimize these processes.

Author Info:

Davé, R.
Loos, A.