PVC Handbook

Copyright: 2005
ISBN: 9781569903797
Hardcover: 723 pages
$439.99 (US)


Vinyl Chloride Monomer. Polymerization. PVC Stabilizers and Lubricants. Plasticizers. Processing Aids and Impact Modifiers. Fillers and Reinforcing Agents. PVC Blends and Alloys. Compounding Processes. Flexible PVC. Specialty Grade PVC Resins. Physical Properties and Characterization of PVC. Flammability and Fire Performance. Weathering of PVC Compounds. Fabrication Processes. Product Engineering Design. PVC Applications, Their Standards and Regulations and Starting Formulations. PVC Environmental, Health, Safety. PVC Industry Structure and Dynamics.


In this single handbook, the editors aim to give a diverse audience of readers a complete account of all aspects of PVC—from monomer manufacture to polymerization; the gamut of such additives as stabilizers, lubricants, plasticizers, impact modifiers, fillers and reinforcing agents; blends and alloys; compounding and processing; characterization; combustion resistance and weatherability; product engineering design; applications; environmental and safety; and finally the PVC industry dynamics. This handbook contains both practical formulation information as well as a mechanistic view of why PVC behaves as it does.

Author Info:

Daniels, C.
Summers, J.
Wilkes, C.