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Quality Gaging Tips

Copyright: 2006
ISBN: 9781569903919
Specs: 256 pages
$49.99 (US)


Indicators. Basics of Measurement. Surface. Electronics. Calibration. Holes. SPC. Machine Calibration. Gage Blocks. Geometry. Air. Automatic. Hand Tools. Applications.


This book contains 144 instructive articles, arranged by topic, which originally appeared in a regular column (of the same name) in Modern Machine Shop magazine. Each of the articles presents valuable insights gained from years of experience and knowledge, and each is designed to assist the reader to better understand the principles of gaging and improve their personal techniques. Both the science and the "art" of dimensional gaging are stressed, providing a full understanding of the methodology along with detailed instructions about how to perform specific tasks properly. The emphasis throughout is on problem-solving ability, inventiveness and creativity. The wide scope and authoritative style of this book makes it the ideal on-the-job companion for anyone involved in the science, and art, of industrial measurement.

Author Info:

Schuetz, G.
McCusker, J.