Picture of Rheology in Plastics Quality Control

Rheology in Plastics Quality Control

Copyright: 2000
ISBN: 9781569902868
Hardcover: 140 pages
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Introduction. Rheological Properties of Polymers. Introduction to Quality Assurance. Control Basics. Capillary Rheometers. Rotational Rheometers. Empirical Test Methods. On-Line Rheometers for Process Control. Controlling the Measurement Process.


This book combines in one source an introduction to rheology, a discussion of quality management, and a presentation of the statistical tools required for the treatment of experimental data. These topics are well integrated, and special attention is given to the application of statistical analysis to rheological testing in the plastics industry. Numerous examples show how these methods can be used to solve production problems involving product quality. The included CD provides examples of the application of commercial statistical software to the use of rheology for quality control.

Author Info:

Dealy, J.

John Dealy is Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering at McGill University, Canada. He has developed novel new methods for measuring nonlinear viscoelasticity and wall slip of molten polymers and elastomers and is the author or coauthor of four books on polymer rheology.

Saucier, P.