Picture of Runner and Gating Design Handbook 2E

Runner and Gating Design Handbook 2E

Tools for Successful Injection Molding
Copyright: 2007
ISBN: 978-1-56990-421-3
Hardcover: 308 pages
$179.99 (US)


Overview of Runners, Gates, and Gate Positioning. Rheology of Plastics. Filling and Packing Effects on Material and Molded Part. Gate Positioning and Molding Strategies. The Melt Delivery System. Filling and Melt Imbalances Developed in Multi-Cavity Molds. Managing Shear-Induced Melt Variations for Successful Molding. Cold Runner Molds. Hot Runner Molds. Hot Runner Flow Channel Design. Hot Runner Drops, Nozzles, and Gates. Thermal Issues of Hot Runner Systems. The Mechanics and Operation of Hot Runners. Process of Designing and Selecting a Runner System (Gate and Runner) – A Summary. Troubleshooting.


For the first time, both the art and the science of designing runners and gates are presented in a concise format. Tried and true runner and gating design techniques successfully used with various materials and molding applications are described together with cutting-edge new technologies. This handbook helps determine the optimum design, when to use what type of runner systems, and how to isolate molding problems generated from the gate and runner vs. other molding issues. Full-color 3-D graphics, illustrations and photographs as well as charts, checklists, troubleshooting guides, and contributions from the industry’s leading expert John Bozzelli complete this handbook.

Author Info:

Beaumont, J.

John Beaumont is president of the American Injection Molding Institute and of www.beaumontinc.com, both of which are located in Erie, Pa. The primary mission of the AIM Institute is to help advance the injection molding industry by providing high-level educational programs to practicing professionals. Previously, Beaumont was a professor at the Plastics Engineering Technology program at Penn State Erie, The Behrend College. He is also the founder/director of the Penn State Erie Plastics CAE Center, and he was the chairperson for the Injection Molding Division of SPE from 1998-1999. Beaumont has years of industrial experience in mold design as a Technical Manager for Moldflow, North America. He has co-authored several books published by Hanser, and he owns several patents in the industry.

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