Selecting Injection Molds

Weighing Cost vs. Productivity
Copyright: 2006
ISBN: 9781569903896
Hardcover: 230 pages
$149.99 (US)


Introduction and Planning. The Plastic Product. Cost Factors Affecting Productivity. Mold Selection. Mold Cost, Mold Price and Delivery. Warranties, Patents, and Ethical Considerations.


This book explains to the mold designer the importance of knowing the expected productivity of the mold and how this information affects the cost of the planned mold and the cost of the molded product. It suggests many approaches to reduce mold cost and also to improve productivity by often just simple design changes. Above all, it emphasizes again and again that the ultimate goal is not to procure the lowest cost but to produce the lowest cost product.

Author Info:

Rees, H.
Catoen, B.