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The EDM Handbook

Copyright: 1997
ISBN: 9781569902424
Hardcover: 312 pages
$59.99 (US)


An Overview of Technology and Trends. Basic EDM Theory. Vertical EDM: Electrode Selection and Fabrication. Flushing. Orbiting. CNC or Manual. Dielectric Oil. Discharge Dressing Electrodes. Preventive Maintenance. Wire EDM: Preparing for Wire EDM Operations. Wire Types and Selection. Wire Flushing. Water Quality. Carbide and the EDM Process.


This text explains the unique machining capabilities of EDM in depth, to provide the reader with a full and clear understanding of both the practical and theoretical aspects of the technology. Balanced coverage is given to both wire and vertical EDM, and the book contains many tips and ideas to improve performance that can't be found in any other source. Unusual topics include discharge dressing, innovative flushing techniques and advances in CNC-EDM strategies that will save both time and money. It also contains information on troubleshooting; purchasing and installing a machine; moldmaking techniques; preventive maintenance; and selecting and filtering water and dielectrics.

Author Info:

Guitrau, E.B.