Picture of Thermoplastic and Rubber Compounds

Thermoplastic and Rubber Compounds

Technology and Physical Chemistry
Copyright: 2008
ISBN: 9781569904077
Hardcover: 301 pages
$179.99 (US)


Polymer-Particle Filler Systems. Polymer Solutions and Swollen Vulcanizates. Polymer Additive Binary Systems. Binary Polymer Blends. Ternary Systems: Polymer Blends Plus Solvent Additives and Compatibilizing Agents. Polymer-Filler-Additive Compounds. Multicomponent Compounds. Mixing Machinery.


This book describes the composition of all major types of polymer compounds, both thermoplastics as well as rubbers. It describes the intended effects of various additives and the complexity of their, sometimes unintended, interactions.

Author Info:

White, J.
Kim, K.