Picture of Turret Mill Operation

Turret Mill Operation

Copyright: 1999
ISBN: 9781569902738
Softcover: 176 pages
$59.99 (US)


Safety. Machine Maintenance. Knee-Type Mills. Tool Holders. Cutting Tools. Work Holding Tools. Tool Cooling. Head Alignment. Table and Head Movement. Project Planning. Sample Projects.


This large-format text and reference manual is the ideal teaching accompaniment for the novice or machinist-in-training. Well illustrated with hundreds of photographs, drawings, charts, and tables, it covers the nomenclature and operation of the vertical knee-type turret milling machine in detail. Full explanations of all of the skills required to operate these versatile machines are presented in a clear, easily comprehendible language. Several learning-by-doing projects in the text include follow-along photos and drawings to illustrate how each step of the operation should be performed.

Author Info:

Edwards, J.