Picture of Understanding Product Design for Injection Molding

Understanding Product Design for Injection Molding

Copyright: 1996
ISBN: 9781569902103
Softcover: 116 pages
$69.99 (US)


Plastic Product Design. Making a New Product. New Injection Molding Designs. Designing a Product. Product Shape. Designing for Assemblies.


This primer offers assistance when selecting the proper material for any product and determining whether injection molding is the process best suited for the application.

Author Info:

Herbert Rees

Herbert Rees (d. 2010) was Vice President of R&D at Husky Injection Molding Systems. He is author of several books in the area of injection molds and molding, including “Mold Engineering”, “Understanding Injection Mold Design”, “Understanding Product Design for Injection Molding”, and “Selecting Injection Molds”.