Picture of Understanding Thermoplastic Elastomers

Understanding Thermoplastic Elastomers

Copyright: 2000
ISBN: 9781569902899
Softcover: 110 pages
$79.99 (US)


Introduction. Classification and Structure. Styrenic Block Copolymers. Multi Block Copolymers. Graft Copolymers, Ionomers, and Core-Shell Morphologies. Commercial Applications of Thermoplastic Elastomers. Economic Aspects and Tradenames. References.


One of the outstanding advantages of TPEs can be summarized in a single phrase:  "They allow rubberlike articles to be produced using the rapid processing techniques developed by the thermoplastic industry."

The commercial development of TPEs enabled the rubber industry to utilize new processing techniques, such as blow molding, comolding and coextrusion, hot melt coating of pressure-sensitive adhesives, and direct injection molding. New products, new processing techniques, new properties, and new applications have been experienced. All this is reflected in this short, general introduction to the subject.

"There is certainly no one who is better positioned to write this book than Geoff Holden since he has been part of the field since its inception. In fact, he is one of its most preeminent pioneers."
Donald R. Paul, University of Texas, Austin

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Holden, G.