Picture of Understanding Design of Experiments

Understanding Design of Experiments

A Primer for Technologists
Copyright: 1997
ISBN: 9781569902226
Softcover: 175 pages
$69.99 (US)


What Are Designed Experiments? Why and Where Should Designed Experiments Be Used? How Hard Are Designed Experiments to Use? Basic Statistics as Background to Design of Experiments. Fundamentals of Experimentation. Basics of Experimental Designs. Fractional Designs and Their Uses. Examples Using Eight-Run Design. Effective Use of Simple Designs. Application of Folded-Over Designs. Nomenclature and Design Variations. Estimation of Scatter. Sizing of Experiments. Development of an Experimental Strategy. Basics of Response Surface Methods. Analysis of Response Surface Method Experiments. Basics of Mixture Designs. Latin Squares and Their Derivatives. Basics Analysis of Variance. Full Use of Analysis of Variance. Taguchia™s Contributions. Advanced Topics in Design of Experiments. Computer Programs for Design of Experiments.


This book explains the basics underlying designed experiments, supplies instructions on how to use several families of convenient designs, and gives an overview on assorted subtopics of the large field that comprise the design of experiments. Providing an introduction to the design of experiments, this text leads the reader step by step through the basic concepts and practices of this methodology. Special coursework or degree is not necessary, because this book uses uncomplicated language and readily understandable examples to introduce ample background theory. The focus is on providing the reader with working skills.

Author Info:

Del Vecchio, R.J.