Troubleshooting the Extrusion Process 2E

A Systematic Approach to Solving Plastic Extrusion Problems
Copyright: 2010
ISBN: 9781569904701
Hardcover: 194 pages
$129.99 (US)


Requirements for Efficient Troubleshooting. Tools for Troubleshooting. Systematic Troubleshooting. Case Studies: Film Coextrusion. Film Coextrusion with Interfacial Problems. Lines in the Extruded Film. Color Variation in Polypropylene Carpet Fiber. Plastic Film with Poor Transparency. Wear Problem in Film Extrusion. Multilayer Film—Several Appearance Problems. Dispersion Problem in a High-Density Polyethylene Bottle. Polymer Degradation. Heat-Sealing Problems in a Coextruded Film. Output Problem in a Blown Film Line. Master Batch Selection. Pipe Extrusion Problem. Gel Formation in a Coextruded Film. Agglomerates and Grammage Variation in a PP Sheet. Insufficient Melting and Mixing in a Plasticating Unit. High Melt Temperature and Insufficient Output in Coextrusion. Deficient Solids Conveying and Dispersion. Instability of Formation at the Die. Intermittent Pumping in a Vented Extruder. Melt Fracture or Sharkskin in m-PE. Appendices:  Systematic Problem Solving. Machine Troubleshooting and Maintenance. Setting Extruder Temperatures.


Troubleshooting extrusion problems is one of the most challenging tasks for everyone involved in extrusion operations. It requires a good understanding of the extrusion process, knowledge of the material properties, good instrumentation, good analysis tools, and a systematic and logical approach. This book addresses all issues crucial in extrusion troubleshooting. In addition, industrial case studies, richly illustrated with photographs and photomicrographs, are used to provide exemplary approaches to efficient problem analysis and problem solving.

Author Info:

Noreiga, M.
Rauwendaal, C.

Chris Rauwendaal, president of Rauwendaal Extrusion Engineering, Inc., (REE, Inc), has experience in a wide range of extrusion operations, including fiber spinning, film, sheet, tubing, medical tubing, pipe, and profile extrusion, co-extrusion, and reactive extrusion. Rauwendaal holds several patents in the field of polymer processing. He has worked on both practical and theoretical problems, such as screw-and-die design, trouble shooting, modeling and computer simulation, material analysis, and failure analysis.