Custom Molding of Thermoset Elastomers

A Comprehensive Approach to Materials, Mold Design, and Processing
Copyright: 2009
ISBN: 9781569904671
Specs: 188 pages
$144.99 (US)

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Introduction to Thermoset Elastomer Chemistry. Compounding, Mixing and Equipment. Materials. Product Design. Material Testing for TSE. Polymer Flow. Molding Methods and Related Topics. Compression Molding. Transfer Molding. Injection Molding. Liquid Silicone Rubber. Secondary Operations and Additional Methods. TSE Molding Processing. Manufacturing Process Planning.


This comprehensive reference book incorporates the latest developments in the synthesis, production, characterization, and application of various types of polymeric nanocomposites. It outlines the various preparation techniques using different types of nanoparticles and polymer matrices with emphasis on clay nanoparticles. All fundamental issues such as thermodynamics, kinetics, and rheology are discussed. Also, the structure and the characterization of polymeric nanocomposites, including their molecular characteristics, thermal properties, morphology, and mechanical properties, are covered in detail.

Author Info:

Stritzke, B.