Extrusion of Polymers 2E

Theory and Practice
Copyright: 2010
ISBN: 9781569904596
Specs: 512 pages
$159.99 (US)


Introduction. Physical Description of Single-Screw Extrusion. Fundamentals of Polymers. Theories of Single-Screw Extrusion. Screw Design, High Performance Screws, and Scale-Up. Gear Pump, Static Mixer, and Dynamic Mixer. Die Designs. Viscoelastic Effects in Melt Flow. Special Single-Screw Extruder with Channels on the Barrel. Physical Description of Twin-Screw Extruders. Appendices:  Color Figures. Universal Constants, Unit Conversion Factors, and Prefixes.


The author presents single-screw extrusion technology together with the relevant polymer fundamentals with an emphasis on screw design. The presentation begins on a physical level, providing an in-depth conceptual understanding, followed by an analytical level with mathematical models. Practical applications of the mathematical models are illustrated by numerous examples. A brief description of twin-screw extrusion technology is also presented. The second edition includes new chapters on die design, elastic effects in melt flow, and a new type of single-screw extruders with channeled barrel as well as improvements and corrections of the first edition.

Author Info:

Chung, C.