Engineering Biopolymers

Markets, Manufacturing, Properties and Applications
Copyright: 2011
ISBN: 9781569904619
Hardcover: 675 pages
$329.99 (US)

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Engineering Biopolymers (eBook)
Endres, H.J.


1 Introduction.
Defining the Topic. What are Biopolymers? General Requirements for Biopolymers.

2 State of Knowledge.
History of Biopolymers. Development of Successive Biopolymer Materials Generations. Biological Degradability and Compostability. Oxo-Degradability. Resource and Land Requirements for Manufacturing Biopolymers. Sustainability and Entropic Efficiency of Biopolymers. The Proprietary Situation of Biopolymers.
3 The Regulatory Framework for Biopolymers.
Framing for Testing Compostability. Test Standards for Execution (Normative References). Permissible Auxiliary Substances and Additives. Certification of Compostability.
4 Manufacture and Chemical Structure of Biopolymers.
Manufacturing of Biopolymers. Chemical Structure of Biopolymers.
5 Engineering Property Profiles of Biopolymers.
Property Profiles of the Most Important Biopolymers. Properties in Comparison with Conventional Plastics.
6 End-of-Life Options for Biopolymers.
Landfill. Recycling. Composting. Incineration. Anaerobic Digestion (Biogas Generation). Product-Specific Disposal. Littering.
7 Life-Cycle Assessment for Biopolymers.
Methods of Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA). Data for the Life-Cycle Assessment of Biopolymers.
8 Market Characterization for Biopolymers.
Current Availability and Future Capacities. The Current Price Situation. Biopolymer Manufacturers and Material Types. Biopolymer Processors/Converters.
Appendix: Manufacturers, Trade Names, and Material Data Sheets.


This book is unique in its focus on market-relevant bio/renewable materials. It is based on comprehensive research projects, during which these materials were systematically analyzed and characterized. For the first time the interested reader will find comparable data not only for biogenic polymers and biological macromolecules, such as proteins, but also for engineering materials.

The reader will also find valuable information regarding topics such as micro-structure, manufacturing, and processing, application, and recycling properties of commercially available biopolymers.

An invaluable source of information for researchers and engineers, as well as for marketing and business development. Raw material manufacturers, plastic materials and additive providers, processors, machine manufacturers, and innovative packaging, textile, and automotive manufacturers will find systematically researched and evaluated material characteristics.

Author Info:

Endres, H.J.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Josef Endres studied mechanical engineering with consolidation in material research. After his study he joined the industry for nearly 10 years. During this time in industry he managed also his PhD study. Since 1999, he is a professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Hanover. Key aspects of Endres' research activities are biopolymers, bio-based fibers and composites.

Siebert-Raths, A.

Dipl.-Ing. Andrea Siebert-Raths is a research assistant at the University of Applied Sciences of Hanover, Germany, in the Department of Bioprocess Engineering. After her graduation, she participated in different research projects. Since August 2006 she works on a project to develop and establish a biopolymer database. She also writes her PhD thesis in the field of biopolymers (especially PLA) for technical applications.