Film Processing

Copyright: 2011
ISBN: 978159905067
Hardcover: 435 pages,328 figures, 26 tables
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Film Processing Advances
Kanai, T.


Film Processing Overview and Introductory Rheology. Flat Die Analysis. Spiral Die Analysis. Die Control System of Film Thickness Distribution. Kinematics, Dynamics and Physical Properties of Blown Film.  Bubble Instability: Experimental Evaluation. Optical Properties and Structural Characteristics of Tubular Film. Theoretical Analysis of Film Deformation Behavior in Casting. Analysis of Draw Resonance Instability in the Film Casting Process. Multilayer Films. Biaxially Oriented Films. Influence of Processing Conditions on Structure and Physical Properties of Biaxially Stretched Engineering Thermoplastics. Theoretical Analysis of Tentering Process. Double Bubble Tubular Film Process System and Theoretical Analysis of Stress Development and Scale-up Rule.


The manufacturing process for preparing very thin polymer products has developed into what is arguably the largest outlet for synthetic polymers. The central theme of this volume is the developments in process hardware and operating techniques that permit increasingly high production rates, optimum property development, unusual degrees of molecular orientation, and the coextrusion of multi-layer, multi-component film and sheet. The strong relationships and the interdependence of these developments on the achievements in polymer design, such as rheology and mechanical and optical properties, are also discussed.


Author Info:

Kanai, T.

Toshitaka Kanai is Principal Researcher at the Performance Materials Laboratories of Idemitsu Kosan Co., where he has worked since 1976. He is President of the Japan Society of Polymer Processing, International Representative of the Polymer Processing Society, and a Visiting Professor at Kanazawa University.

Gregory A. Campbell

Gregory A. Campbell is Professor Emeritus at Clarkson University, NY. He formerly directed a research group at GM Research and managed polymer fabrication at Mobil Chemical Research.

  • Treasurer and Vice President at Society of Plastics Engineers
  • Extrusion Board Member at Society of Plastics Engineers
  • President & Chief Technical Officer at Castle Associates  
  • Professor Chemical Engineering at Clarkson University         
  • Manager Process Research and Develoment at Mobile Chemical            
  • Staff Research Engineer at General Motors