Engineering with Rubber 3E

How to Design Rubber Components
Copyright: 2012
ISBN: 9781569905081
Hardcover: 433 pages
$219.99 (US)

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Materials and Compounds. Elasticity. Dynamic Mechanical Properties. Strength. Mechanical Fatigue. Durability. Design of Components. Finite Element Analysis. Developments in Finite Element Analysis. Tests and Specifications.


This book provides the principles of rubber science and technology:  what rubber is, how it behaves, and how to design engineering components with rubber. It introduces the principles on which successful use of rubber depends and offers solutions to the questions engineers in rubber processing face every day.

  • How is an elastomer chosen and a formulation developed?
  • Why is rubber highly elastic and relatively strong?
  • How is the stiffness and strength of a product estimated?
  • How is high quality and durability guaranteed?
The authors describe current practices in rubber engineering. At the end of each chapter, there are sample questions and problems (with solutions) that gauge mastery of the material.

Author Info:

Gent, A.