Simple Methods for Identification of Plastics 5E

Copyright: 2013
ISBN: 9781569905265
Softcover: 127 pages/10 figures/28 tables
$54.99 (US)


Plastics and Their Characteristics. General Introduction to the Analysis of Plastics. Screening Tests. Testing for Heteroatoms. Analytical Procedures. Specific Identification Tests. Identification of Historic Plastic Objects. Advanced Analytical Methods. Appendix. Literature.


Processors and users of plastics often need to determine the chemical nature of a plastics specimen. The highly practical and useful manual, now in a fifth revised and supplemented edition, will enable you to determine the class of plastic of a particular specimen. No extensive knowledge of chemistry is required and yet it is more than a simple tabular compilation. This manual is a handy, highly effective tool for many practical situations. An additional supplement is a chapter that shows strategies for identifying historical plastic objects; this is of particular interest for assemblers, collectors, and conservators.


Author Info:

Braun, D.

Professor Dietrich Braun was the director of the plastics institute (Deutschen Kunststoff-Instituts (DKI)) in Darmstadt until 2000. He is also the author of many reference books and textbooks. For years, Dr. Braun has chaired workshops in plastics technology for business people as well as for first-time users, which is the basis for this book.