Mold-Making Handbook 3E

Copyright: 2013
ISBN: 9781569904466
Hardcover: 701 pages/480 figures/50 tables
$279.99 (US)


PART 1 - Molds for Various Processing Methods:  Injection Molds. Compression and Transfer Molds. Molds for Polyurethane Products. Blow Molds. Molds for Thermoforming. Rotational and Slush Molds. Molds for Thermoplastic Foams. Molds for Continuous Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites. Molds for Elastomer Processing. Micro Injection Molds. Prototype, Small and Pre-Series Molds.

PART 2 - Mold Design:  Design Process. Standardization and Standards. Hot and Cold Runner Technology. Temperature Control of Injection Molds. Innovative Mold Technologies.

PART 3 - Materials for Mold Making:  Steels. Aluminum Alloys. Copper Alloys. Nonferrous Metals.

PART 4 - Manufacturing and Machining Methods:  Mold Manufacturing. EDM. Galvanized Inserts and Molds. Polishing Technology in Mold Making. Heat Treatment and Surface Finishing Techniques. Surface Structuring. Rapid Prototyping in Mold Making.

PART 5 - Ordering and Operation of Molds:  Molds in the Offer Phase. Setup and Control of Molds. Wear on Injection Molds. Maintenance, Storage, Service. 


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The Mold-Making Handbook is an essential resource for the plastics industry, providing all of the fundamental engineering aspects of mold design, construction, and manufacturing.


Written by industry experts, this book captures the current state of the technique for all major processing methods. This third edition has been completely updated and includes new chapters on micro injection molds, rubber industry molds, and rapid prototyping. Separate sections describe the tool materials and various manufacturing and processing methods.


This handbook appeals to a broad range of plastics professionals—from the beginner who is looking for an introduction to a key area of plastics processing to the specialist who needs a quick reading into related technical areas, which can result in ideas for their own work. The Mold-Making Handbook is extremely useful for engineers, designers, processors, technical sales reps, and students interested in all aspects of mold construction.


Author Info:

Mennig, G.
Stoeckhert, K.