Polymer Rheology

Fundamentals and Applications
Copyright: 2015
ISBN: 9781569905173
Softcover: 225 pages
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Polymer Rheology (eBook)
Osswald, T.


Introduction to Rheology. Structure and Properties of Deforming Polymers. Generalized Newtonian Fluid (GNF) Models. Transport Phenomena. Viscoelasticity. Rheometry.


Rheology unites the seemingly unrelated fields of plasticity and non-Newtonian fluids by recognizing that both these types of materials are unable to support a shear stress in static equilibrium. In this sense, a plastic solid is a fluid. Granular rheology refers to the continuum mechanical description of granular materials.

In this book, rheology—the study of the deformation and flow of matter—is treated primarily in the context of the stresses generated during the flow of complex materials such as polymers, colloids, foams, and gels. A rapidly growing and industrially important field, it plays a significant role in polymer processing, food processing, coating and printing, and many other manufacturing processes.

Author Info:

Osswald, T.

Dr. Tim A. Osswald teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is co-Director of the Polymer Engineering Center. He also holds honorary professorships at the Friedrich Alexander Universität in Erlangen, Germany and the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He teaches and does research in polymer engineering, a field where he has published 11 books and over 300 papers.


Rudolph, N.

Dr.-Ing. Natalie Rudolph is Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering. She was previously Team Leader at the Fraunhofer Institute ICT, Germany, and Chief Engineer of the Polymer Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.