Polymer Extrusion 5E

Copyright: 2014
ISBN: 9781569905166
Hardcover: 934 pages
$219.99 (US)


Different Types of Extruders. Extruder Hardware. Instrumentation and Control. Fundamental Principles. Important Polymer Properties. Functional Process Analysis. Extruder Screw Design. Die Design. Twin Screw Extruders. Troubleshooting Extruders. Modeling and Simulation of the Extrusion Process.


This book bridges the gap between theory and practice in the extrusion field. Now in its fifth edition, the best-selling Polymer Extrusion continues to provide valuable, up-to-date information for polymer engineers and chemists who need both theoretical and practical tools for successful extrusion operations. Since the last edition in 2001, there have been many new developments in the field and are incorporated in this edition.

New, Updated Content

  • Chapter 2:  A discussion on high speed single screw extruders has been added.
  • Chapter 7:  An innovative theory is presented that allows prediction of melt temperatures without having to result to numerical techniques and computer simulation.
  • Chapter 8:  Now includes information on the efficient extrusion of medical devices; this section discusses optimal manufacturing practices, screw designs, and processing conditions.
  • Chapter 11:  The section on gels has been expanded and now includes information on discolored specks, how to predict their occurrence and frequency, as well as instruments to detect defects in pellets.
  • New information has been added throughout and references have been updated.

Author Info:

Rauwendaal, C.

Chris Rauwendaal, president of Rauwendaal Extrusion Engineering, Inc., (REE, Inc), has experience in a wide range of extrusion operations, including fiber spinning, film, sheet, tubing, medical tubing, pipe, and profile extrusion, co-extrusion, and reactive extrusion. Rauwendaal holds several patents in the field of polymer processing. He has worked on both practical and theoretical problems, such as screw-and-die design, trouble shooting, modeling and computer simulation, material analysis, and failure analysis.