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Textile Technology 2E

An Introduction
Copyright: 2015
ISBN: 9781569905654
Hardcover: 441 pages
$129.99 (US)



Textile Technology is a unique and readable introduction into the field of textile engineering. It is based on an elementary-level course focusing on the manufacture (processes and machines) of yarn, fabric, knitwear, nonwovens, braids, reinforcing fabrics, and technical textiles. It provides technicians and engineers in the textile industry with an up-to-date review of processes and equipment for textile manufacturing.

The book covers all processing steps for the manufacturing of textiles, describing materials, processes and machines, finishing, making-up, and recycling. To provide a better understanding of the individual textile processes, each chapter ends with an example describing the respective processing steps for a specific textile product. In addition, current and future development trends are discussed.The second edition is brought up to date with extensive coverage of new developments, such as in the fields of testing, measurement, and simulation.

Author Info:

Gries, T.
Veit, D.
Wulfhorst, B.

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Textile Technology 2E (eBook)
Wulfhorst, B.