Picture of Tecnología de los Plásticos 1:  Extrusión

Tecnología de los Plásticos 1: Extrusión

Manual de Bolsillo 1
ISBN: 978-958-98663-1-3
Softcover: 134 pages
Copyright: 2009
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Si usted desea garantizar excelentes resultados, necesita datos de procesamiento iniciales confiables, que le servirán para poder optimizar y estabilizar el proceso, antes de ajustar una extrusora. Un ajuste inicial correcto le ahorrará tiempo y dinero. Esta potente herramienta, lo proveerá de los datos de
procesamiento más importantes, tales como: viscosidad, propiedades térmicas y temperaturas de cilindro sugeridas para los materiales más comúnmente utilizados en extrusion ¡De tamaño de bolsillo y condensado – pero claro y comprensible! ¡Manual de Bolsillo en la palma de su mano!

You need reliable initial processing data before setting up an extruder to optimize and stabilize the process if you want to guarantee excellent results. A good set up can save you time and money. This reference resource provides the most important processing data, such as viscosity, thermal properties, and suggested barrel heater temperatures for the most commonly used materials in extrusion.

Author Info:

Naranjo, A.
Osswald, T.

Tim Osswald is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Co-Director of the Polymer Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin—Madison. Originally from Cúcuta, Colombia, he received his B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the field of Polymer Processing. He spent two and a half years at the Institute for Plastics Processing (IKV) in Aachen, Germany, as an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow. He received the National Science Foundation's Presidential Young Investigator Award, as well as the 2001 VDI-K Dr--Richard-Escales-Preis. In 2006 he was named an Honorary Professor at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany. Professor Osswald teaches polymer processing and designing with polymers and researches in the same areas. Professor Osswald has published over 100 papers and many books for Hanser, including Materials Science of Polymers for Engineers 3E (©2012), Injection Molding Handbook 2E (©2007) Compression Molding (©2003), Polymer Processing: Modeling and Simulation (©2006), Plastics Testing and Characterization (©2008), International Plastics Handbook (©2006), and Understanding Polymer Processing (©2010). Professor Osswald has also been consulted by several industries, is one of the co-founders of The Madison Group, and is the Director of the Technical Advisory Board of SIMTEC Silicone Parts.



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