Picture of Tecnología de los Plásticos 3:  Tecnología del Caucho

Tecnología de los Plásticos 3: Tecnología del Caucho

Manual de Bolsillo 3
Copyright: 2012
ISBN: 978-958-98663-5-1
Softcover: 134 pages
$11.99 (US)



Correas, mangueras, sellos, soportes de motor - sin mencionar llantas - la vida moderna sin productos de caucho es incompresible. Esta herramienta convenientemente le guiará a través del laberinto de selección de mezclas, vulcanización y aditvos. Ejemplos detallados y recetas probadas se listan para alistar el camino al buen diseño y manufactura de productos de caucho.

Belts, seals, hoses, engine mounts, not to mention tires--modern life without rubber products is incomprehensible. This convenient tool will guide you through the selection labyrinth for material blends, additives, compounding equipment, and vulcanisation system. Detailed examples and proven recipes will clear your path to successful design and manufacturing of rubber products. Pocket-sized and condensed, yet clear and comprehensive! Plastics Power in the Palm of your Hand!

Author Info:

Naranjo, A.
Osswald, T.

Dr. Tim A. Osswald teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is co-Director of the Polymer Engineering Center. He also holds honorary professorships at the Friedrich Alexander Universität in Erlangen, Germany and the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He teaches and does research in polymer engineering, a field where he has published 11 books and over 300 papers.


Castaño, N.
de Greiff, M.
Restrepo-Zapata, N.C.