User's Guide to Plastic

A Handbook for Everyone
ISBN: 978-1-56990-572-2
Copyright: 2015
Softcover: 227 full-color pages
$19.99 (US)
Was $39.99


Comprehensive and easy to read!

Many technical books about plastics are too theoretical and difficult to read. This book offers something completely different; it is easy to read with many examples taken from everyday life. It is suitable for readers at secondary school and university levels, and it can be used for training activities in industry as well as for self-studies.

Included are nearly 600 color images to illustrate the wide variety of plastics and process workflows used today. The book also contains a number of computer-based tools that can be downloaded from the author's website. With comprehensive coverage, this is probably the most versatile plastics handbook ever written!

Author Info:

Bruder, U.

Ulf Bruder has been active in the plastics industry for almost 50 years. He has held various senior technical positions both in his native Sweden and globally. In Sweden, he is well known for his series of articles in the Plastic Forum journal and his highly valued courses in the plastics industry as well as the technical universities. On the global market he is known for his information apps “Plastic Guide” and “Plastguiden” for mobile phones.


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