Technology of Polymer Packaging (eBook)

ISBN: 978-1-56990-577-7
Copyright: 2015
PDF: 118 pages
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Technology of Polymer Packaging
Ghosh, A.


Basics of Polymer Packaging:  Definition of Polymers. Manufacturing of Polymer Resins. Classification of Plastics: Molecular Structure. Plastics Additives. Usual Additives in the Packaging Sector. Light Stabilizer. PVC Stabilizer. Antiblock Agents. Antifog Agents. Nucleating Agents. Lubricants as Processing Aids. Slip Agents. Antistatic Agents. Colorants. Optical Brighteners. Chemical Blowing Agents. Antimicrobial Agents. Required Performance of Polymer Packaging. Different Types of Polymers Used for Packaging. Polyurethanes as Adhesives. Short Description of Some Polymers for Packaging Applications. Major Polymers Used in Packaging. Important Points for the Technologist. References.


Manufacturing of Polymer Packaging:  Extrusion of Resins. Technology of Extrusion. Continuous Processes. Manufacturing of Blown Film. Manufacturing of Cast Film. Collapsible Tubes. Flexible Films for Packaging. Important Features for the Technologist. Discontinuous Processes. Injection Molding (IM). Injection Blow Molding (IBM). Extrusion Blow Molding (EBM). Stretch Blow Molding (SBM). Different Types of PET. Thermoforming. Sealing of Packages. Principles of Heat Generation for Sealing of Packaging Materials. Technology of Sealing. Direct Heating Systems. Indirect Heating Systems. References.

Converting of Polymer Packaging (Composite Packaging):  Technology of Converting. Modes of Converting Packaging Material. Technology of Coating. Extrusion and Coextrusion Coating. Coating with Lacquer. Coating with Polymer Dispersion. Technology of Lamination. Extrusion and Coextrusion Lamination. Dry Lamination, Solvent Based. Dry Lamination, Solvent-Free Adhesive.


Aimed at engineering students, engineers, and technologists of the packaging industry, this book provides the essentials of polymer packaging. It provides the reader with the knowledge and skills to identify and solve problems in packaging processes, and thereby develop functional packaging. Sales and marketing people involved in the packaging industry will also find this a valuable resource.

A short primer on polymeric materials and additives is followed by descriptions of the most important production processes for polymer packaging – both continuous and discontinuous. Further chapters cover technology of sealing and different converting processes of packaging webs. The clear, practical informational focus stems from the author’s extensive experience in the packaging industries and as an educator.

Author Info:

Ghosh, A.

Arabinda Ghosh is Professor of Polymer Packaging at the University for Applied Sciences, Stuttgart, Guest Lecturer at the University for Applied Sciences, Munich, Germany, and a consultant on packaging issues. Previously he was a scientist at the renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Food and Packaging Technology in Munich and manager for packaging system development and complaints management at Dixie Union, Kempten, Germany.