Picture of Injection Molding 2E (eBook)

Injection Molding 2E (eBook)

An Introduction
Copyright: 2007
ISBN: 9781569900505
PDF: 246 pages
$99.99 (US)

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Injection Molding 2E
Pötsch, G.


Injection Molding Materials. Injection Molding Machine. Injection Mold Process Control. Automation. Quality Assurance. Special Injection Molding Techniques.


This book provides an overview of the injection molding process and all its related aspects, such as material behavior, machine and mold design. Although the book is highly useful to advanced professionals, it is written in clear, simple language to enable beginners to understand the technology. In discussing the various operations related to the injection molding process, emphasis is placed on practical ways of processing and using plastics. This edition is expanded to include all industrially relevant special injection molding techniques developed since the publication of the first edition.

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Pötsch, G.