Picture of Understanding Thermoforming 2E (eBook)

Understanding Thermoforming 2E (eBook)

Copyright: 2008
ISBN: 9783446418554
PDF: 266 pages
$89.99 (US)


General Forming Concepts. Part Design. Machinery for the Thick-Gauge Forming Process. Machinery for the Light-Gauge Forming Process. Machines for Other Applications. Molds and Mold Design. Methods of Heating Sheet. Sheet Stretching and Cooling. Trimming. Polymers and Plastics. Quality Control. Comparison with Other Technologies. Pragmatic Aspects of Thermoforming.


Modern thermoforming practice is a balance of practical experience and the application of engineering principles. This very practical book introduces the process, its tools and machinery, and the commonly used materials to novices and practicing engineers alike.

Author Info:

Throne, J.

Jim Throne is now doing business as Sherwood Technologies, Dunedin Florida. His consultancy focuses on advanced plastics processing technologies, including thermoforming, foam processing and rotational molding.

He was a Fellow of the SPE, Fellow of IoM3 (England), and Chartered Scientist (England). He was SPE Thermoformer of the Year 2000. He received the first Lifetime Achievement Award from the SPE European Thermoforming Division in 2004 for his technical contributions to the international thermoforming industry. In 2004, he was inducted into the Plastic Pioneers Association.

Mr. Throne has published 10 books in polymer processing, including four in thermoforming and two in thermoplastic foam processing. He holds nine U.S. patents, including two in thermoplastic foams and a fundamental one in thermoforming CPET. He has written more than a dozen technical book chapters and has published and presented nearly 200 technical papers. He was Technical Editor of SPE Thermoforming Quarterly and Editor of SPE Rotational Molding Division Newsletter.
Mr. Throne has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Case Institute of Technology. His MChE and PhD in Chemical Engineering are from University of Delaware.