Leadership & Management of Machining (eBook)

How to integrate technology, robust processes, and people to win!
ISBN: 978-1-56990-640-8
Copyright: 2016
PDF: 238 pages
$47.99 (US)

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LAYER 1: FOUNDATION. Quality System. People. Leadership. Equipment. Information Technology.

LAYER 2: SKILL LEVEL. Lean. Six Sigma. CNC Program Validation. Routing Integrity.

LAYER 3: EXECUTION LEVEL Scheduling/Capacity Management. Operations Management. Supply Chain Execution

LAYER 4: RESULTS. Low Scrap/Rework. On-Time Delivery.

LAYER 5: ULTIMATE RESULTS. Profit. For Machinists Only. Sales. Selling or Acquiring a Machining Company. Machining Ten Commandments. Future.


Global machining competitiveness has evolved to the level that requires a holistic approach to management and technology implementation. Connectivity, data, and digitization provide opportunities for significant improvements in modeling, programming, simulation, productivity, and real-time decision making.

This book demonstrates how to integrate these technological advancements with Lean, Six Sigma, CNC programming, quality, and machining best practices to create an agile machining organization capable of winning against competition anywhere in the world.

Written for the entire organization, this book focuses on the business of machining and how to develop the infrastructure and people to yield exceptional quality, delivery, and profits. The author introduces a new model—the Machining Pyramid—that integrates, people, equipment, and robust processes to create the architecture and blueprint for high performance.


"If you are in the CNC Machining Industry, a machinist by profession, a machining student, teacher or within operations management in the machining industry. This would be a must read for you. Patrick’s 30 years of experience resonates throughout the book along with his sense of humor. His theory on the machining pyramid is spot on and so often overlooked by many within the industry. Patrick challenges us to look at our environments from a fresh perspective, but also helps us realize where we can and should improve our operations daily. I enjoyed the book  and its teachings very much, and have found how to begin to implements its teachings each day." 

  – Robert Sheppard, Tecomet 

Author Info:

Tarvin, P.

With more than three decades of expertise in the business of machining, Patrick Tarvin constructs a blueprint for machining organizations of all types to achieve success and growth. He completed the machinist training program from one of the all-time great machine tool builders – Cincinnati Milacron. He financed his engineering education as a machinist and went on to earn an MBA and complete numerous Lean and Six Sigma programs. He has been a customer and supplier of machined components at both large and small organizations. He has led numerous acquisitions and turnarounds of machining facilities, and he has held every management and engineering position from machinist to plant manager. He is a machining industry expert who has proven experience integrating technology with lean processes and traditional machining fundamentals to create strong, agile, and winning organizations, a veteran of the aerospace, medical, automotive, and capital equipment industries. His exposure to nearly all types of machine processes, all levels of volume, push/pull, and five-ERP installations, provides the platform for Mr. Tarvin to bridge theoretical business practices with the real world problems faced by machining organizations in a hyper-competitive global economy. His passion is to help Western machining companies succeed and anchor a revitalized manufacturing sector based on innovation and technology.