The First Snap-Fit Handbook 3E (eBook)

Creating and Managing Attachments for Plastics Parts
Copyright: 2016
ISBN: 9781569905968
PDF: 412 pages
$219.99 (US)

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The First Snap-Fit Handbook 3E
Bonenberger, P.


Introduction. Key Requirements. Introduction to the Snap-Fit Development Process. Physical Elements: Locators. Physical Elements: Locks. Lock Strength and Decoupling. Constraint in Snap-Fit Applications. Physical Elements: Enhancements. Applying the Snap-Fit Development Process. Feature Development: Material Properties. Lock Feature Development: Rules-of-Thumb. Lock Feature Development: Calculations. Diagnosing Snap-Fit Problems. Gaining a Competitive Advantage in Snap-Fit Technology.


The systems-level knowledge and design skills needed to create good snap-fit interfaces existed in the minds of self-taught snap-fit experts but was not captured in the literature.

New designers of plastic parts wishing to use snap-fit had nowhere to turn unless they were fortunate enough to have access to an experienced snap-fit designer. This book organizes and presents all design aspects of snap-fits with an emphasis on the systems level thinking required to create world-class attachments. Beginning, as well as experienced, product designers will find the information they need to develop snap-fits more efficiently and avoid many common snap-fit problems.

The third edition has been thoroughly revised to include new case histories and applications. The text has been extensively rewritten for clarity and user-friendliness and there are many new figures with expert explanations.  

Author Info:

Bonenberger, P.

Paul R. Bonenberger is President of FasteningSmart, Inc., a position he has held since 2006. He is an widely recognized expert on mechanical attachments, especially those involving threaded fasteners or snap-fits. He consults on design solutions, problem diagnosis, patents, and technology management issues, and undertakes training courses in this area.

Previously, he spent 37 years at General Motors as Staff Project Engineer specializing in mechanical attachments. He holds degrees from Oakland University, University of Detroit-Michigan, and Kettering University (previously General Motors Institute).