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Adhesion and Adhesives Technology 3E (eBook)

An Introduction
Copyright: 2012
ISBN: 978-3-446-43177-5
PDF: 370 pages
$159.99 (US)


Introduction. Mechanical Properties of Materials as They Relate to Adhesion. Mechanical Tests of Adhesive Bond Performance. Basics of Intermolecular Forces and Surface Science. Basic Physico/Chemical Properties of Polymers. Relationship of Surface Science and Adhesion Science. Surface Preparation of Adherends for Adhesive Bonding. Chemistry and Physical Properties of Structural Adhesives. Durability of Structural Adhesive Bonds. Chemistry and Physical Properties of Elastomer-Based Adhesives. Thermoplastic, Pseudothermoplastic, and Other Adhesives. Adhesion in Biological Systems. Basis for Adhesive Bond Design.


This book describes, in clear understandable language, the three main disciplines of adhesion technology: mechanics of the adhesive bond, chemistry of adhesives, and surface science.
Some knowledge of physical and organic chemistry is assumed, but no familiarity with the science of adhesion is required. The emphasis is on understanding adhesion, how surfaces can be prepared and modified, and how adhesives can be formulated to perform a given task. Throughout the book, the author provides a broad view of the field, with a consistent style that leads the reader from one step to the next in gaining an understanding of the science.

Author Info:

Pocius, A.

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