Picture of Understanding Injection Mold Design (eBook)

Understanding Injection Mold Design (eBook)

Copyright: 2001
ISBN: 9783446401839
PDF: 115 pages
$79.99 (US)


Starting New in the Mold Design Field. Basics of the Injection Molding Machine. Understanding the Basics of the Injection Mold. Before Starting to Design a Mold: Machine Specification, Mold Design, Preload, Mold Material Selection, Stack Molds, Mold Layout and Assembly Drawings. Review and Follow-Up. Typical Examples. Estimating Mold Costs. Machining, Mold Materials, and Heat Treatment.


This book provides the reader with the ground rules for designing injection molds. It explains the basic mold principles regardless of what size and type of product is to be injection molded, whether the mold is small or large, has single or multiple cavities, and who designs or builds the mold.

Author Info:

Herbert Rees

Herbert Rees (d. 2010) was Vice President of R&D at Husky Injection Molding Systems. He is author of several books in the area of injection molds and molding, including “Mold Engineering”, “Understanding Injection Mold Design”, “Understanding Product Design for Injection Molding”, and “Selecting Injection Molds”.