Picture of Gastrow Injection Molds 4E (eBook)

Gastrow Injection Molds 4E (eBook)

130 Proven Designs
Copyright: 2006
ISBN: 9783446412842
PDF: 335 pages
$179.99 (US)

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Gastrow Injection Molds 4E
Unger, P.


Principles of Mold Design. Special Design Features of the Example Molds. Examples.


Designing the perfect mold is probably the most challenging task in plastics processing, especially in injection molding. The mold determines the quality, performance, and the profitability of a plastic part. Neither modern computer technology nor sophisticated CAE soft ware can substitute the experience of the practicing mold engineer. This is why the “Gastrow” is so special to plastics engineers: 130 mold designs are presented in this extensively revised edition of the great classic in mold making. Each of the case studies was actually built, tested, and run successfully in production.

The book is written by practitioners, describing problem solving in the design and the manufacture of injection molds. The wealth of information includes rules of thumb, design details, and practical tips invaluable for everyone involved in this field.

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Unger, P.