Picture of Nano- and Micro-Mechanics of Polymer Blends and Composites (eBook)

Nano- and Micro-Mechanics of Polymer Blends and Composites (eBook)

Copyright: 2009
ISBN: 9783446430129
PDF: 604 pages
$299.99 (US)


PART I:  POLYMERS. Nano- and Micromechanics of Crystalline Polymers. Modeling Mechanical Properties of Segmented Polyurethanes.

PART II:  NANOCOMPOSITES: INFLUENCE OF PREPARATION. Nanoparticles/Polymer Composites: Fabrication and Mechanical Properties. Rubber Nanocomposites: New Developments, New Opportunities. Organoclay Particulate, and Nanofibril Reinforced Polymer-Polymer Composites:  Manufacturing, Modeling and Applications.
PART III:  NANO- AND MICROCOMPOSITES: INTERPHASE. Viscoelasticity of Amorphous Polymer Nanocomposites with Individual Nanoparticles. The Interphase Phenomena in Polymer Micro- and Nanocomposites
PART IV:  NANO- AND MICROCOMPOSITES: CHARACTERIZATION. Deformation Behavior of Nanocomposites Studied by X-Ray Scattering: Instrumentation and Methodology. Creep and Fatigue Behavior of Polymer Nanocomposites. Deformation Mechanisms of Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposites. Fracture Properties and Mechanisms of Polyamide/Clay Nanocomposites. On the Toughness of “Nanomodified” Polymers and Traditional Polymer Composites. Micromechanics of Polymer Blends: Microhardness of Polymer Systems Containing a Soft Component and/or Phase.
PART V:  NANOCOMPOSITES:  MODELING. Some Monte Carlo Simulations on Nanoparticle Reinforcement of Elastomers. Modeling of Polymer Clay Nanocomposites for a Multiscale Approach.


This book gives a state-of-art overview on aspects of micro- and nano-mechanics of polymers, polymeric blends, and composites. Major issues include: experimental techniques to study the mechanical performance of polymer systems especially in respect with molecular, supermolecular and filler architectures on suitable model materials; prediction methods of the mechanical performance (short- and long-term properties); modeling tools and approaches. All these aspects are highlighted on polymeric systems of both academic and practical relevance.

Author Info:

Fakirov, S.
Karger-Kocsis, J.