Picture of Understanding Plastics Testing (eBook)

Understanding Plastics Testing (eBook)

Copyright: 2004
ISBN: 9783446412859
PDF: 100 pages
$79.99 (US)


The Science of Testing. Understanding Polymers and Their Behavior. Mechanical Properties. Thermal Testing. Viscous Flow Properties. Quality in the Testing Laboratory. Reference Materials. Appendices:  Partial List of Plastic Testing Instrumentation. Partial List of Testing Laboratories. Nomenclature. Referenced ASTM Methods.


This overview of plastics testing provides an understanding of how polymer structure and morphology affect properties that are important for plastics processing and how to test for these properties. The reader will get an overview of basic materal testing, the specific properties tested, and why they are important. The book also provides insight into which tests are useful for predicting the behavior of plastics products after they have been produced and are in end-use.

Author Info:

Hylton, D.