Polymer Processing 2E

Principles and Modeling
Copyright: 2017
ISBN: 9781569906057
Hardcover: 841 pages
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Polymer Processing 2E (eBook)
Agassant, JF.


Continuum Mechanics: Review of Principles. Rheological Behavior of Molten Polymers. Energy and Heat Transfer in Polymer Processes. Approximations and Calculation Methods. Single-Screw Extrusion and Die Flows. Twin-Screw Extrusion and Applications. Injection Molding. Calendering. Polymer Stretching Processes. Flow Instabilities.


Engineering of polymers is not an easy exercise: with evolving technology, it often involves complex concepts and processes. This book is intended to provide the theoretical essentials: understanding of processes, a basis for the use of design software, and much more.

The necessary physical concepts such as continuum mechanics, rheological behavior and measurement methods, and thermal science with its application to heating-cooling problems and implications for flow behavior are analyzed in detail. This knowledge is then applied to key processing methods, including single-screw extrusion and extrusion die flow, twin-screw extrusion and its applications, injection molding, calendering, and processes involving stretching.

With many exercises with solutions offered throughout the book to reinforce the concepts presented, and extensive illustrations, this is an essential guide for mastering the art of plastics processing. Practical and didactic, Polymer Processing: Principles and Modeling is intended for engineers and technicians of the profession, as well as for advanced students in Polymer Science and Plastics Engineering.

Author Info:

Agassant, JF.

Jean-François Agassant is Head of the Material and Mechanical Engineering Department at MINES ParisTech and head of MINES ParisTech in Sophia-Antipolis.

Avenas, P.

Pierre Avenas is former Director of the Center for Material Forming (CEMEF) of MINES ParisTech and held several senior positions in French government research policy and in industry, notably managing R&D Chemistry at Total Group until 2004.

Pierre J. Carreau

Pierre Carreau is Professor Emeritus at the Department of Chemical Engineering at the École Polytechnique in Montreal. He is well known for developing the Carreau Fluid Model, and the Carreau Viscosity Model is now integrated into most flow simulation software packages for plastics processing.

Vergnes, B.

Bruno Vergnes is Research Director at the Polymer and Composites research unit of the Center for Material Forming (CEMEF) of MINES ParisTech and an expert in rheology and extrusion processes.

Vincent, M.

Michel Vincent is CNRS Research Director at the Polymer and Composite research unit of the Center for Material Forming (CEMEF) of MINES ParisTech and expert in injection molding and composite processing.