Picture of Injection Moulds for Beginners (eBook)

Injection Moulds for Beginners (eBook)

Copyright: 2016
ISBN: 9781569906323
PDF: 308 pages
$79.99 (US)


Mould Types. Preparation. Components. Assembly. Further Knowledge. The Finished Mould. Maintenance and Repair. Manufacturing Technologies. Practical Guides.


This practice-oriented book describes the construction of an injection mould from the ground up.

  • Explanation of the particular types of moulds, components, and technical terms
  • Procedure for design
  • Techniques, tips, and tricks for the construction of an injection mould
  • Advantages and disadvantages of various problem-solving approaches
Using as a basis a plastic part (container with cover) that was specially designed for this book, the necessary knowledge for practical implementation is developed through easily understandable text and many descriptive pictures and diagrams. Step by step, the plastic part is modified and extended. The technologies and implementations on the injection mould that are required to achieve this are described by engineering drawings. Maintenance and repair, as well as the essential production techniques, are also discussed.

Author Info:

Dangel, R.

Rainer Dangel is a qualified mouldmaker and has been active in mouldmaking for over 35 years, during almost 25 of which he constructed moulds on a freelance basis. During this time, he acquired extensive knowledge in this technically very demanding area. He is managing director of his own company, Dangel Formentechnik.

(Photo: wortundorm GmbH, Munich)



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