Picture of Synthetic Fibers (eBook)

Synthetic Fibers (eBook)

Machines and Equipment Manufacture, Properties
Copyright: 1999
ISBN: 9783446401334
PDF: 885 pages
$399.99 (US)



This guide to plant design and machinery construction and operation is written by one of the pioneers in the field. It offers a comprehensive overview on processes, machines, and plant layouts for the production of synthetic (man-made) fibers from an engineering point of view. Detailed technical drawings, plus numerous formula and diagrams, illustrate the entire fiber-technical knowledge for the design of various production steps, from raw materials through polymerization, and spinning to textured and technical fabrics. This unique handbook is a treasury of knowledge for the expert, an indispensable adviser in solving day-to-day problems, and a must on the shelf for every library.

Author Info:

Fourné, F.