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Bauphysik / Building Physics (eBook)

in German, English, and Chinese
Copyright: 2016
ISBN: 9783446445864
PDF: 179 pages
$15.99 (US)

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Bauphysik / Building Physics
Leimer, HP


Introduction to Building Physics. Thermal Conduction. Convection. Thermal Radiation. Heat Transfer. Heat Transfer Processes Due to Solar Radiation. Minimum Thermal Protection. Thermal Bridges. Summer Thermal Protection. Thermal-energy Simulation Calculations for Buildings. Building Climate Control. Moisture Protection. Capillary Conduction. Practical Moisture Protection. Purpose of Sound Protection. Principles for Protection against Airborne Noise. Principles of Impact Sound Protection. Principles of Protection against Sound Immission and Emission. Requirements for Sound Protection. Testing the Required Sound Protection. Subject Dictionary.


This book covers the basic areas of teaching of physics in the field of thermal insulation, the building climatology, moisture protection and acoustics as understood internationally. The textbook is aimed at both international and national students of civil engineering and architecture, as well as to such international engineers in practice. the dictionary in the appendix makes the book an "interpreters'' compendium for working in practice engineers. The two- or three-language display (e-book) of the complex building physics content in parallel columns allows the a multinational building physicist specialist content quickly multilingual read and be able to follow.

Author Info:

Leimer, HP

Prof. Dr.-ing. Dipl. arch. Hans-Peter Leimer has been at the University Anhui China since 2000 for structural design and building physics professor at the University of applied sciences and Arts Hildesheim and since 2007 also in the Hefei. The book was created with the assistance of J.Bode, H.Heuer, D.Pfaffenzeller, Prof. H. Schulze, R.Skarsten, P.Steben, Prof. Y.Xia.